Maasdam's Famous Home Made Sorghum Syrup

Maasdam Sorghum can be found throughout the Midwest. Check your local grocery store, market, orchard or food coop. Online ordering is also available on this website.

National Sweet Sorghum Producer and Processors AssociationsWe are a Member of the National Sweet Sorghum Producer and Processors Associations.

Members of NSSPPA use the logo shown here to guarantee the product is pure sorghum and not a blend.

We hope you enjoy these Sorghum Recipes provided by the Maasdam family. For more sorghum recipes check out our Sorghum Treasures recipe cook books which include some great cooking tips.

Learn how to substitute sorghum for other sweeteners.

Facts About Sorghum Syrup!

  • Sorghum syrup is made from sorghum cane, not corn or sugar cane or grain sorghum. Sorghum cane grows 12 to 15 feet tall. The stalk is pressed for the juice.
  • Sorghum syrup and molasses are not the same. Molasses is a by-product of the sugar industry. Sorghum is the juice from the sorghum cane that is boiled to produce the syrup.
  • Sorghum does not need to be refridgerated. It does not mold like maple syrup, but could sugar. If this happens, just reheat it back to liquid form.
  • Sorghum is healthy for you. It contains iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Sorghum ranked 5th out of 40 foods tested for antioxidants.
  • Be sure you are buying pure sorghum and not blended. Read the labels carefully. And look for the NSSPPA logo like the one shown above.